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From Marvel Studios' latest work "Falcon & Winter Soldier", which will be exclusively distributed on Disney + from March 2021, the main character Falcon will be dressed in the latest costume and will appear in SH Figuarts as soon as possible!
In addition to the realistic expression reproduced by the digital coloring of the soul, the wing, which is the biggest feature, is modeled in a large size with a total width of about 320 mm. The dynamic action in the play can be reproduced. Luxury specifications that also come with a special pedestal with a logo printed on it.
 Appearance work   The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
 Main product contents  ・ Main body
 ・ 2 types
 of replacement head2 types of replacement wrist left and right
 ・ Drone
 ・ Feather parts left
 and right set・ Pedestal joint
 ・ Pedestal arm (for drone)
 ・ Dedicated pedestal set
 Main product materials  ABS / PVC
 Product size  Overall height: Approximately 150mm
 Target age  15 years old ~
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