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Wedstrijd spel

Monday 01 May 2023
                                                                                Contest game
The contest organized in January was very popular so I'm doing another one.
A figurine will be offered to someone who has placed an order on the site.
The rules :
- You must be registered on the site
- You must place an order between May 1st 00:01 to May 31 23:59
The figurine offered for Hot Toys fans will be of your choice:
Hot Toys MMS575 Capitaine Marvel Endgame
Hot Toys TMS029 Moff Gideon Star Wars The Mandalorian
for fans of Saint seiya it will be:
Myth Cloth Daichi revival
Myth Cloth EX Cancer OCE
for fans of Figuarts it will be:
Figuarts DBZ Son Goku Full Power
Figuarts DBZ Hit
The winner will be drawn by my 6 year old son and the video will be posted on Facebook
Good luck and happy new year.
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