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Usage tips

Sunday 20 June 2021

You are welcome !!!!!!!


Here are some tips for using the site.


- I advise you to use it from a PC to make the most of the interface. And create an account to see all the options.


- For the mobile version you have the possibility to choose your language at the bottom page


- You can also add an icon to the home page of your mobile.


For this you must access the menu of your internet browser. It's very simple :


For Google Chrome/Firefox, once you are on a page of the site you go to the internet browser menu and select "add to home screen".

For the Samsung internet browser, press and hold the "favorites" star at the bottom of the page and a menu is displayed offering you to add the icon to the home screen.


If you have questions, opinions, remarks, a problem... Contact me without hesitation, i will be there to help you.


Take care of yourself





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