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Site opening

Saturday 19 June 2021

Hello and thank you for your visit. I open this site with great pleasure, after a lot of work to get there. And finally it's done. I opened this site because it's been a long time since I provided collectible toys and I wanted them for a very long time. Everything will be easier for me and for you. I think of all those who know me and who once said to me "you should open your site". Well it's done. I hope you enjoy the site and find the items you are looking for.


There will be many more items on the site than on my eBay account. The site will be the basis of my catalog. The prices on the site will be lower than on eBay, because of course less taxed. The quality of service will remain the same. It is only me who manages the site, orders and send them. And I absolutely want to keep the level of service quality. Quality of service which has made you trust me for a long time for some. And that I thank again.


I hope the site launch goes well. If you find and notice any problem please let me know. And anyway I will improve the site on a daily basis.


Take care of yourself




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