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S.H. Figuarts Tulece - Dragon Ball Z 


Tulece, a surviving Saiyan that appears in the movie, “Tree of Might” is now available from S.H.Figuarts!

Included are facial expression parts, with a shouting face and clenched face in addition to a face with the tongue sticking out!
If you use the exchangeable hands, you can reproduce the impressive scene from the movie where he eats the Fruit of the Tree of Might.
What’s more, as well as effect parts enabling you to reproduce techniques from the movie, the cloak he wore when he first appeared is also included.


Product Description  ・Main body
 ・Exchangeable left hand x 3 types, Exchangeable right hand x 4 types
 ・Exchangeable expression parts x 3 types
 ・Exchangeable folded arm parts
 ・Cloak parts
 ・Effect parts
 ・Effect part props x 2 types

 Product Material  PVC, ABS
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